Make it cold

AC\Heater Switch - Touch

control via mobile app

connect 100 - 200 devices


AC\Heater Switch - Touch

control via mobile app


energy monitoring


Use Cases

Make your home cold before you arrive

Coming back from work ! it’s so hot .
Make your home freezing by a click of a button on your mobile phone .   

Save money and enjoy!

Don’t keep the heater on for a long will increase theelectricity bill . You can schedule when you want it on or off .Now your hot water is ready for you to take a nice shower.

make it cold just by entering your house.

Can’t wait to get home because it’s hot outside. the motion sensor will turn the air conditioning the
minute you enter your home.

Hey . ,turn the AC on

AC\Heater Switch - Touch

OMR 15.000

Features :
  • Tempered glass panel and flame-retardant plastic.
  • Scheduling.
  • Countdown to let the AC OFF after period of time.
  • Sharing device usage and control with family members.
  • LED back-light indicator at night
  • Works with Amazon Echo and Google Home

White, Black


WiFi, ZigBee


20A, 30A


  1. houseutopia


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The devices with ( ZIGBEE ) connection needs a GATEWAY device to be able to connect to the internet