The Internet of Things and smart solutions

to keep your life inline with the up to date technologies and make it much easier .

Smart Project Management (Design and Implementation)

Diversity in providing smart solutions and systems (wired and wireless), including comprehensive project management by our qualified team for the purpose of establishing the infrastructure for these systems and implementing them with a quality that exceeds expectations.

3D design (interior and exterior)

For the 3D interior and exterior design of the house of life, to see its details before its construction!

Installing and preparing protection and monitoring systems

Specialized in installing surveillance and protection systems such as surveillance cameras, access control and burglar alarm systems.

Video and audio systems

Enjoy luxury with the best European brands in the field of audio, video and home theater of high quality, so that you and your family can enjoy spending the most beautiful times.

Design and implementation of home theaters and cinema halls (coming soon)

Your home ideas are out of the ordinary. Make your evenings with your family and friends unforgettable in your cinema hall.

Smart and traditional lighting (coming soon)

We will light up your life with color and warmth. We will light up your home inside and out as if it were a wonderland.

experience & technology

HouseUtopia is a uniquely satisfying home experience, with state-of-the-art automated technology, designed to make life simpler and more comfortable. The technology essentially revolves around a central hub that uses a range of interconnected smart devices and appliances to provide an integrated and intuitive living environment.

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about us

Your Smart Life Is Our Profession

House Utopia An Omani company specialized in the Internet of Things and selling smart products to keep your life inline with the up to date technologies and make it much easier

Why us

Choosing us means choosing a reliable and trustworthy partner for all your needs. We bring the experience and expertise that comes with decades of industry knowledge. We strive to create a personalized experience for our customers, tailoring our services to meet their specific requirements.

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