Garage Opener

control via mobile app

linkable with other smart devices

Garage Opener

control via mobile app

linkage mode

Use Cases

Welcome home

Your garage door will open up when you get near your house don’t need to get out and open the garage.

Hey . ,turn the TV on

Garage Opener

OMR 30.000

Features :
  • Sending IR signals in 360 degrees around the room.
  • Scheduling, turn on/off your devices in specific times as per per-scheduled periods by the user.
  • Learning codes. If the remote not within the data base, it can be added through learning codes function.
  •  Linkage mode. You can setup a scene by the app to make all the device on or off with single touch.


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The devices with ( ZIGBEE ) connection needs a GATEWAY device to be able to connect to the internet